AT&T Next

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AT&T Next available online and in store.

With AT&T Next you can:

  • Get a new smartphone faster — every 12 or 18 months.
  • Pay $0 down for well-qualified buyers with no up-front fees.
  • Save up to $25 per month on your AT&T Mobile Share plan.

Choose from two monthly installment plan options:

  • AT&T Next 12 offers 20 monthly payments for your new smartphone
    and a trade-in option after 12 monthly installment payments.
  • AT&T Next 18 offers 24 monthly payments for a new smartphonee
    and a trade-in option after 18 monthly installment payments.

How AT&T Next Works


Choose any smartphone for AT&T. You only pay taxes up front and there's no down payment or activation fee.


A low monthly installment plan is added to your bill.


Any time after 12 or 18 months, you may trade in your smartphone for a brand-new one! Or choose to keep the smartphone and, after 20 or 24 months, no more installment payments are required.

Compare the cost of a typical smartphone on AT&T Next vs. 2-year contract

  AT&T Next 12 AT&T Next 18 2-Year Contract
Initial smartphone cost $0 + sales tax $0 + sales tax $199.99 + sales tax
Activation fee $0 $0 $40
Upgrade fee for your next smartphone $0 $0 $40
Monthly installment payment $32.50 $27.09 $0
Mobile Share plan monthly savings Save $15–$25 per month Save $15–$25 per month $0
Eligible to upgrade After 12 payments After 18 payments After 24 months




What is AT&T Next?
AT&T Next is a new way for you to get a new smartphone every year or every 18 months. You have the choice to pay for your smartphone over 20 or 24 monthly installments. After 12 monthly payments (under 20-month plan) or 18 monthly payments (24-month plan), you may trade your smartphone in for a new smartphone or choose to keep it and make remaining monthly payments. With AT&T Next, no down payment, activation, upgrade, or financing fees are required — only sales tax on the smartphone is due at time of purchase.

Who is eligible for AT&T Next?
Any new AT&T customer with qualifying credit, or any existing AT&T customer who is eligible for an upgrade and whose account is in good standing.

Are there additional charges?
Sales tax is charged on your new phone at the time of sale. There's no down payment and no activation fee.

Is a contract required with AT&T Next?
AT&T Next requires that you sign an installment agreement to pay for the smartphone over 20 or 24 monthly payments. If you cancel your wireless service, the remaining unpaid balance on the smartphone is due. A Wireless Customer Service Agreement (voice and data service) is required.

How many installment plans can I have on my account?
There's a limit of four per account.

What devices are eligible for AT&T Next?
At this time, customers can buy a smartphone with AT&T Next.

Do I own the smartphone? Or is this a leasing offer?
The smartphone is yours and you're responsible for 20 or 24 monthly payments. You're also responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the smartphone — both during the installment agreement period and after.

How do I get a new smartphone every year with the program?
After your 12th monthly installment payment under a 20-month plan or your 18th monthly installment payment under a 24-month plan, if your wireless account is in good standing, you can trade in the smartphone. The smartphone must be fully functional and in good physical condition. Select a new smartphone under a qualifying offer, which may include a new installment agreement.

When I trade in my smartphone after 12 or 18 months and get a new one, what's the length of my new installment plan?
When you trade in your smartphone, no further installments are billed for the original smartphone. You'll start over with a new installment plan on your new smartphone. Currently available installment plans are 20 and 24 months.

Will I be able to pay off this smartphone early?
Yes, you have the option to pay off your installment agreement, but the full outstanding balance will be due immediately.

What payments are due if I cancel AT&T Next?
The full outstanding balance on your installment agreement becomes due.

What if I don't want to trade in my smartphone after 12 or 18 months and I want to keep it?
You don't have to trade the smartphone in, you own it. After 12 or 18 payments, you can trade it in and upgrade to a brand-new smartphone — again with no down payment — or you can keep using the smartphone and have no more payments after 20 or 24 months.

What if the smartphone isn't in good working condition when it's time to trade it in at 12 or 18 months?
The smartphone must be in good physical condition and fully functional to trade it in. If the smartphone isn't in good working condition, you'll be responsible for the remainder of your installment payments. Or, if you have Mobile Insurance, you may file a claim and pay the deductible for a replacement smartphone, then trade in the replacement smartphone.