U-Verse Internet

U-verse High Speed Internet: Fast, Reliable, and Connected


What is U-verse®
High Speed Internet?


U-verse High Speed Internet is the IP-based Internet service provided by AT&T. This new fiber optic technology allows us to offer more speed options, more reliability, and more connectivity than ever before.

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A connection you can count on


With our advanced digital network, U-verse High Speed Internet provides a reliable connection to keep you connected to everything you love. So you can video chat with friends and family, work from the home office, or just watch a movie, all with complete confidence in your connection.





More ways to connect


Connect all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices at home with
high-speed Internet and save on smartphone and tablet
data usage. Includes access to the entire national AT&T
Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network, at no extra charge.




The Right Internet Package for You

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet provides the speed, reliability, and connectivity you deserve. 


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Why Speed Matters

With downstream speeds up to 45Mbps, AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet lets you enjoy life in the fast lane.1 Download music, movies, and more in record time without paying for more speed than you need. And with our advanced digital network, you'll enjoy a connection you can count on, while saving on mobile data usage at home with our wireless Gateway.2




Storage and convenience


With AT&T U-verse® High Speed Internet, you'll have access to advanced features, entertainment, email, and more:

  • AT&T Mail with up to 11 email accounts and virtually unlimited storage, POP access, and SpamGuard
  • The att.net Toolbar for quick access back to your homepage, email, search, and AT&T support tools
  • On-the-go access to the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network3






Safety and security


No matter how you use the Internet, it’s important to protect yourself, your family, and your computer when you’re online. That’s why AT&T offers many tools and features to help you surf smart and guard against online threats and nuisances.

  • AT&T Internet Security Suire powered by McAfee®4
  • Email protection
  • Parentals Controls